Solutions For Salons

Hi, I'm Dennis O'Connor, owner of Solutions for Salons. We are a consulting service dedicated to making salon professionals a success. I've been in the industry and helping salons grow their businesses for over 27 years. My experience includes being a DSC, a key account manager, a regional sales manager, as well as the director of sales for two of the largest distributors in North America. I've seen it all . . . the good, the bad, the ugly. Most importantly, I've been a part of great salon success stories.

At Solutions for Salons, our goal is to help you identify a solution that will get you and your business to profitability, success and fulfillment. If you are an owner, a manger, a booth renter or any other salon professional that is facing roadblocks on your path to success, know that you are not alone. We meet Salon Professionals every day who might need anything from simple advice to a complete business makeover. You might feel overwhelmed or not know where to begin. We will be your personal guide to finding the right business partner and solution to your success.

We have fostered great partnerships with the industry's best business talent, from computer software to financial systems to business management. Allow us to structure a personalized solution that meets your business needs and puts you on the path to success.

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